A T-shirt for Everyone

Who doesn’t love a good T-shirt? Casual and comfortable, they work for everyone. And, if the design is dedicated to your favorite band, all the better.

The Tee

The Dolpind Bangtan Boys Tshirt is one of several options available in the market. On Amazon, the cost of the shirt is specified as somewhere between $4 and $19 dollars. Realistically, most of the shirts cost between $14 and $19 based on size and design selection excluding shipping charges. The T-shirt has short sleeves and comes in two colors, black and white, with seven designs for seven members of the band. The shirts are modeled after sports jerseys. The fronts are identical while the backs have the name and number of a BTS band member. The front of the T-shirt has Chinese letters which are part of the cover art for “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” EPs. The black tee has white prints and vice versa. Both have magenta accents in the lettering on the front and a floral background for the numbering on the back. There are three stripes on each sleeve across the side of the arm. The material is specified as cotton.


The t-shirt is light, looks good and should suit all ages and sizes. The material is thicker than expected. It is soft and stretchy and feels more like polycotton than 100% cotton. The prints look delicate and aren’t the best quality. Though most of the buyers are women, the shirt is unisex and looks good on men too. After all, the Bangtan Boys wear it. It is not an official T-shirt, but you shouldn’t expect that at this price. It also comes with bt21 stuffed animals.

The prints look like decals or iron-on transfers and are likely to peel off after washing. It is recommended to either hand wash this product or machine wash in a gentle cycle and air dry afterward. Even with precautions, there are no guarantees. The product shrinks a little after wash.

The oft-reported problems with this shirt are inconsistent sizing and quality. The size chart is not reliable, and customers have reported wide variations. Repeat customers have found differences in size and quality when re-ordering the same product. To add to the confusion, some customers advise ordering one size up, some suggest you go one size down, and others recommend sticking to your regular size.

Peeling of prints and stripes is a common problem. A few customers have complained about the discoloration or yellowing of white stripes on the black tees and the fabric used for white shirts. A couple of buyers reported a weird smell from the product on unpacking.

There are discrepancies between the image shown on the site and the actual prints. The magenta colors on the front and back are different from the image. The letters on the front have hot pink accents, but the number on the back has pastel shades which makes it look uneven. For the Rap Monster variant, the name on the back is small and barely visible. The outline on the number for the white tee is pink and, not black, as shown on the site.

The Bts Merch store sells an identical tee for $22 with free shipping for any size and gifts like bracelets and brooches.


If you want the product, order it and cross your fingers. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a fantastic product that’s a perfect fit. If not, there isn’t much you can do.

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