Reborn Cuties

With a 20years experience, Paradise galleries this time bring you the Reborn baby doll that resembles the real baby in both looks and texture. It has all the details; the eyes, nails, smiling face and the soft body. The six-piece gift set will charm every toddler of age three and above. It promises your little girl long hours of playtime.

Features and benefits
The cuddle Bear Bella has a height of 21 inches from head to toe and a weight of 2.91 pounds. Thus it stands on its foot; a toddler will happily reach out and hug it without stooping so low. What further make the doll huggable are its gentle and soft vinyl materials. So it’s commanding height, and soft body makes it highly irresistible to a toddler.

Stylishly dressed in bright colors
Toddlers adore bright colors, right? That’s why the Bear Bella doll is covered in a pint trimmed feathered sweater. The embroidered hearts on either hearts add to the attractiveness of the jacket. When you reach deeper into its outfit, you unearth the pearl appliqué.
Even the toes, fingers and lips are painted to match her beauty. Whichever way you look at the paradise galleries doll, she is elegantly dressed.

Dark, lovely hair with contrasting eyes
To crown the doll’s beauty, the Reborn baby doll has dark and beautiful hair. To contrast the dark hair, the eyes depict a bright blue color. And the plump cheek reveals a playful smile to melt and invite every kid to play time.

Weighted and soft body
When you consider Bear Bella’s body, it portrays the soft and structured shape. The gentle to touch body comes clothed already. All that remains is for the child to respond with a smile and begin the play time. It’s the smile that induces the smiling and cheerful spirit to your child.

Made to safety standards
To reduce the risks of accidents during playtime, the lovely reborn doll reflects standard safety quality. The doll matches the ASTM F963 security standards. Thus it minds about the safety of your toddler.
Elegantly dressed
Feels and looks like the real baby
Comes with 30 days money back guarantee
It comes fully clothed- ready to use
Wears newborn baby clothes
The face and the limbs do not possess the softness of a real baby

It majorly requires two things to make the perfect reborn baby doll; experience and skills. Paradise Galleries portrays all that in the crafting of a realistic Bear Bella Reborn baby doll. It brings the toy that has all the fine details painted out from head to toe. Click below and read for yourself what other real users say about the doll.

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