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You May Have to Cut Down Your Meal Schedule to Live...

Food prices continues to hike country wide. The impact of this can be felt more in Kampala and other  urban cent res in the...

Our Uganda

Soroti, the Vintage Town in Eastern Uganda

Eastern Uganda is filled with so many amazing and hidden treasures that very few people know about. One of these that should definitely be...

Life in Uganda: What We Love – and Hate

Life in Uganda can be joyful and annoying in equal measure. But, at least, it’s never boring. Perhaps this explains why, with more than one...

Slave Trade in Uganda

Even if slavery was being practiced in Africa among Africans even before the arrival of outsiders, it was never a trade. Many tribes or...

When Amin Tried to Annex a Half of Kenya

Was Uganda given a raw deal on territorial rights during colonization? If yes, should Uganda fight to correct such historical injustices? Well, those probably...


The Best Organic Foods to Eat for healthy hair

We are switching up things a little. Everyone enjoys the value of eating different types of food and just on the whole loves and...

Ugandan Snacks: 5 of the Simplest Anyone Can Make

One of the most fascinating things about Uganda is the country’s diverse food culture. From north to east, west to south, every region of...


5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Professional Weather Tracking

From affecting mood, to causing potentially hazardous road condition, the weather still plays a major part in daily life. If you run a business,...

Here are the Seven Career killers

Career Killers
What were your New Year's resolution? Were they; to lose weight, build a house or venture out with something new? It is important to...

Piggery Farming in Uganda Boosts Household Income

Piggery Farming in Uganda
Over the past three decades pig production has become an increasingly important activity in Uganda, as indicated by the change in pig population from...

INTERNET SHUTDOWN: Online businesses count losses

Businesses operating online are decrying the losses being realized due to internet instability in the country. Speaking to Record tv this morning some online...


6 Tips to Safe Overtaking in Uganda

While driving on single lane roads, you will possibly understand the need of overtaking a slower vehicle, in most cases a bus, lorry or...

Experience Africa at Your Pace on Self Drive

There is no great travel joy than one seating behind the wheels and has to decide everything. A self-drive attitude has verified another trendy...
Ngorongoro Wildlife

Experience a Luxury Safari in Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Nearly 20 kilometres in diameter, the Ngorongoro Crater measures in as the largest intact volcanic caldera in the world. Views from atop the 600...
Uganda National Parks

Do You know the 10 Uganda National Parks?

Uganda, also known as the Pearl of Africa, has 10 national parks that are home to some of the continent’s most exotic wildlife: the...

A Captivating Road Trip to Kanungu

The 420-kilometre journey from Kampala to Kanungu takes you through some of Uganda’s most remote, yet spectacularly scenic areas. The trip is both pleasant and...

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