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Museveni Covid Address

Uganda Imposes 42-Day Covid-19 Lockdown

Uganda has reimposed a 42 day lockdown as the numbers of people getting infected surges. During a Friday Night Address, the president, Yoweri Kaguta...

Our Uganda

Life in Uganda: What We Love – and Hate

Life in Uganda can be joyful and annoying in equal measure. But, at least, it’s never boring. Perhaps this explains why, with more than one...

Slave Trade in Uganda

Even if slavery was being practiced in Africa among Africans even before the arrival of outsiders, it was never a trade. Many tribes or...

When Amin Tried to Annex a Half of Kenya

Was Uganda given a raw deal on territorial rights during colonization? If yes, should Uganda fight to correct such historical injustices? Well, those probably...

Owiny Ki Bul Bus Terror

Owiny Ki Bul Bus used to ply Lira-Kampala route and on one fateful day in November 1981, she did not reach her destination. It...


Ugandan Snacks: 5 of the Simplest Anyone Can Make

One of the most fascinating things about Uganda is the country’s diverse food culture. From north to east, west to south, every region of...

CAROM Seeds: Health Benefits

We use lot of modern types of medicine in various forms for every health problem that arises. I dare say, this is not necessarily...


Here are the Seven Career killers

Career Killers
What were your New Year's resolution? Were they; to lose weight, build a house or venture out with something new? It is important to...

Piggery Farming in Uganda Boosts Household Income

Piggery Farming in Uganda
Over the past three decades pig production has become an increasingly important activity in Uganda, as indicated by the change in pig population from...

PostBank kicks-off Virtual Learning Series to Promote Digital Banking in Uganda

Julius Kakeeto of Post Bank
PostBank Uganda, a financial institution that is committed to empowering people, to transform their lives, has kicked-off a series of virtual classes dubbed Beyi...

2Gule Makes it Easy For Ugandans to Shop Abroad

2Gule Platform
It has always been very difficult for people in Uganda to shop and ship items from popular stores in the USA, UK, and Canada,...


Airport Transfer in Uganda

10 Tips for a Successful Airport Transfer in Uganda

Many travelers struggle with booking an airport transfer in Uganda, either because it merely came as an afterthought or they just didn’t have enough...
Mount Elgon of Uganda

Best 5 Places for Day Hikes in Uganda

Uganda offers various hiking destinations and sites for both veteran hikers and the day hikers. Some sites are is a great haven for family...
Bwindi Mountain Gorilla

Where to See Gorillas in Uganda:

There are only about 900 mountain gorillas left on Earth and trekking into their native forests is the only way to see these critically...
Honeymoon Safari in Uganda

Planning a Honeymoon Safari in Uganda

Would you like to plan a honeymoon vacation in Uganda? Do you know that it is possibkle to fuse this memorable holiday with a...
Self Drive Jeep

Is It Safe to Go on Self Drive in Uganda During Covid Era?

Self-drive in Uganda during COVID-19 era, is it safe? It is true a lot has changed in the travel world today considering the outbreak...

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